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933 B

Here are some insights about the program:

  1. Students are encouraged to use Figma as a UX and UI tool. Is the students have a student certificate delivered by your administration, they will have access to a free plan. Please make sure you can deliver one to them.

  2. In some exercises and in the projects, we encourage studnets to talk to random people in the streets of in caf├ęs, to ask them about their habits. Please make sure the students have a sufficient age to do so, based on your admission requirements.

  3. The projects are supposed to be done after the UX and the UI quest. Each project is divided in two parts, one focused on UX and the other one focused on UI. At the end of each part, the students will be invited to show their work in front of an audience of at least 5 people. Please make sure they have access to a screen to display they work and a room like a classroom, a meeting room or an auditorium.