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# UX I - Ex 1 CK - User Interviews
Welcome to the very first quest of this program.
Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to find a way to improve athletes’ experience related to their hydration when running.
This first project is very special: you are asked to end up with a non-digital solution. As a matter of fact, innovation does not always rhyme with digital. So let’s be creative and get out of the box!
**General recommendations:**
- Get Out of the Box. Be curious. Follow design trends on YouTube, LinkedIn, in podcasts, on Instagram accounts. Explore the internet when you discover a new concept. Build your own design culture.
- Document everything you do, take notes, open a medium account to identify and show your deliverables, thoughts and feedback. It will be useful for your portoflio!
- Trust the design process. One step after another.
- Design needs to fail. 
Failure is even a necessary step, but ideally it should happen before a product is launched, during the prototype and test phases
- Make connections. Use LinkedIn, your friends, friends of friends to frequently meet designers and ask them about how they practice design in their organization. Who know, some day thay may remember you and offer you a contract!
- Have fun!!
- Read all the scripts carefully
- Answer these questions:
- Frequency
- Who runs races occasionally (one time)?
- Who runs races regularly (more than once)?
- Who runs races frequently (more than 3 times a year)?
- Problems due to hydration
- Who already found themselves in trouble due to lack of hydration?
- Who never found themselves in trouble due to lack of hydration?
- Focus on those who already hurt themselves because of a lack of hydration and who run regularly. Extract at least 6 insights
- Insights must be either shared by several people or consistent with what other people have already experienced
- For each insight, name who said it.
- Answer the questions above
- Write at least 6 insights and the name of the person(s) who said it.
- The following is the interview script used to conduct the seven user interviews.
- Interview guide:
Hello! My name is Agathe and I am conducting research about athletes and people who practice sports regularly. Hence, I'd be very happy to ask you some questions about the way you run, your habits, and the pain points you may have.
This interview will probably last 20 to 30 minutes.
Do you have any questions before we start?
- What sports do you practice?
- How often do you run?
- When was the last time you went out for a run?
- What was the last race you ran?
- How was it? Tell me about the experience you had.
- How did you get prepared?
- What would you have done differently? Why?
- What do you remember about the way you hydrated?
- How did you manage your hydration?
- Have you ever found yourself in trouble due to hydration? What happened?
- What would you never do again? Why?
That's it, we went through all the questions I had.
Thank you so much for your time!
I have a last favor to ask you: is there anyone you know who runs frequently and would be available for a talk?
[Interview scripts](UX%20I%20-%20Ex%20%20b8852/
[Interview scripts CK](UX%20I%20-%20Ex%20%20b8852/